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Creative Spaces — Reflecting Curriculum

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One of my biggest resources for brewing creativity is through my colleagues. If I am needing an extra dose of inspiration, I love to browse through the work of other amazing teachers. The world of blogging has opened this up immensely, but unfortunately, not every amazing teacher has the time/desire to build a blog and post their great creativity. This has sparked a desire in me to find some really great and high quality spaces to share with the teaching world.

The pictures I am featuring today are from a child care center called Early Connections Learning Centers. Early Connections is a non profit child care and preschool program in Colorado Springs with six locations, which offers child care to parents on a sliding scale. Their programs are NAEYC accredited, and they undoubtedly employ some of the greatest early childhood talent in all of Colorado.

So are you ready to take a peek? These particular pictures reflect the curriculum that this program uses called the Storybook Journey. Early Connections’ curriculum is definitely exemplary. Teachers are given planning time, outside of the classroom, to help develop and enhance their lesson plans, and they have a very experienced Curriculum and Assessment Director to help guide and train them. Each classroom chooses a relevant book to create lesson plans from. I love how creatively these programs have displayed and reestablished the themes that are being taught!


Author: Katie

My name is Katie, and I have been an early childhood educator for over 12 years. I am passionate about child development and teaching children with the most relevant methods available. I have "retired" from working in a preschool center setting, and now I teach at my licensed in home preschool. I believe in inspiring other parents, teachers, and caregivers to provide the most appropriate and exciting learning experiences we can offer to our children.

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