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Creative Spaces — Interest Centers

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Creative Spaces -- Interest Centers

Interest centers are such a vital aspect of a classroom! While educators are teaching and working with small groups, our centers are taking the lead in child initiated learning. It’s such an amazing blend. Sometimes I wish I could just go around and tour all of the local preschools to be inspired by other interest centers. It is always exciting to find creativity in another teacher’s classroom to enhance your own room. As an early childhood teacher of over 12 years, I have had the privilege of seeing many amazing child care and preschool programs, and I wanted to share one of my favorites!

Early Connections Learning Centers is a non profit, NAEYC accredited preschool and child care program in Colorado Springs, and they have some incredibly talented educators among them! Their Curriculum and Assessment Director gave me the grand tour of two of their sites. Early Connections has six locations, all with preschool classrooms. I was able to tour eight of their classrooms, and I wanted to pass along the inspiring creativity.  Here are some snap shots of their interest centers. What has inspired you? I would love to hear more creative ideas!


Author: Katie

My name is Katie, and I have been an early childhood educator for over 12 years. I am passionate about child development and teaching children with the most relevant methods available. I have "retired" from working in a preschool center setting, and now I teach at my licensed in home preschool. I believe in inspiring other parents, teachers, and caregivers to provide the most appropriate and exciting learning experiences we can offer to our children.

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