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Bug Games

Bug Games  Preschool Inspirations

Bugs and insects are so fascinating to children! They want to hold them, keep them as pets, or at times, children are super afraid of them too. Our lives are surrounded by these beautiful creatures, and the more we know about them, the better we can protect ourselves and them.

To encourage bug and insect knowledge, here are two wonderful bug games. Not only are these fun activities, but they include real photographs of insects! While there is a great abundance of  beautifully illustrated insects available, children really need access to real pictures as well!

There are two games attached. For the first game, you will use the bug pictures to play a memory game with. We enjoy talking about the bugs when we find the match!

The next game is a scavenger hunt, with a checklist even! Just click on “Bug Hunt Cards” below to print them out.

Bug Hunt cards

You can find more bug and insect fun with this bug book.

**These fantastic, educational games are brought to you by the very talented Marta! Marta works as a geologist in New Mexico as well as a homeschool mama, and she channels her passion of science and nature into high quality learning tools for children, including two sweet boys of her own.